Ru.branding: Russian paintings in contemporary design

For centuries Russia has been famous for its tradition of folk art, original paintings, patterns and characters depicted on objects of peasant’s everyday life. It is our history, pride and heritage. We have entered the 21st century of high technology and modernization, but are still surrounded by drab Soviet urban transport and vast stretches of rusting industrial buildings.

We specialise in adopting traditional ethnic paintings in contemporary industrial design.
We want to change the world and brighten up routines. Airplanes, factories, bus-stops and trains could all be decorated with original designs from Russian folk art. In addition to preserving century-old traditions, this makes the creation of a country’s image and nation-branding possible, giving its citizens more reasons to smile. Ru.branding is a logical continuation of art evolution, a second life for forgotten ethnic art.

Ru.branding projects were presented at the main stages in Russia:
International Festival of Design “Peasant Art in the Service of Russian National Economy”, Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, December 2010
The official presentation of the Ru.branding project, RUSNANO central office, February-March 2011
“Folk Art of the Russian North” exhibition on the annual open festival Cherry Wood (Chershneviy les) in partnership with Bosco di Ciliegi, may 2011
«Olympic Vologda» exhibition connected with the style of «Sochi 2014» Olympic games, June 2011

The founders of the project are the Open Collection foundation and advertising group Vitamin.

Looking forward to further collaboration,
Ru.branding project.

Exhibitions, events, commercial use of design. Welcome to participate!
Contact us:
Yuliya Soldatova
Tel: +7 964 1886 333

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